Values & Vision

• We believe in knowledge based scientific promotion of quality products.
• Reliable and international standard products are the core strength of our company  resulting in non compromise on quality across all levels at KOBEC.
• High level of ethical standards and professional behavior is maintained at the company not relying on any shortcuts.
• Sound business practices are a key in motivating employees. This acts as a safeguard against negative social, economic or cultural peer pressure.
• A clean and healthy environment is at the heart of our business processes keeping the spirit of conscientious citizenship alive at KOBEC.
• Upholding merit at all times is one of the key factors resulting in our continued success.
• Complacency is seen as a threat and change is welcomed as an opportunity at the company. This dynamism has resulted in achieving great success at KOBEC.
• Local and International industry standards and best practices act as a benchmark for the company. This results in an international standard transparent reporting system to be in place at KOBEC.
• Diversification of business is undertaken by exploring new product areas through expanding existing product portfolio, developing export markets and co-promoting third party products.
• Our destination is clear to us and as we approach it through constant hard work, determination and sound ethical business practices we can all proudly claim to be a member of the “KOBEC family”


On the behalf of all of our team members and stakeholders, we invite you to explore our corporate and medical web sites and get to know our organisation better.


As a company, our substantial growth in market position and product marketing has built a solid foundation for continued product and business expansion. We are building a strong commercial business with an exciting future. Since our launch, we have received significant appreciation from doctors and patients.


Most importantly, Kobec is made up of team members and collaborators who are committed to bring new products to the market, building stakeholder value, and creating an exciting, challenging work environment. As you tour our corporate and medical websites, we hope you are as inspired by visiting them as we have been in building them.


The four pillars of our vision are our Customers, Products, Employees and Entrepreneurs.

Our Customers

Customer focus is the key and we are constantly on the move and committed to satisfy their needs.

Our Products

We are continuously on the lookout to fulfill customer needs through our products and services. We go the extra mile by providing scientific information, clinical drug development, patient support, ADR management and training services to our customers.

Our Employees

We value our employees by providing them a participative culture which inculcates the spirit of open mindedness and courage to question conventional wisdom. This goes hand in hand with the excellent work environment and opportunities which exist at KOBEC resulting in job satisfaction. The continuous respect, recognition and reward system results in creating a competitive work environment at the company.

Our Entrepreneurs

Continuous growth and increasing profits at the company encourage our entrepreneurs to substantially divest these among all the stake holders resulting in long-term sustainability of the business.