KOBEC Health Sciences has been actively involved in CSR initiatives for a number of years. KOBEC believes that it has a responsibility towards the citizens of Pakistan and it is a way to connect with the people. It is one who is there for the people in the time of need which makes a mark in the hearts and minds and goes a long way in fostering the positive image of the company. It also helps the employees in achieving their goal of having a positive impact on people’s lives through their products and self less service in the time of need.



KOBEC has been proactively involved in the procurement, collection and distribution of relief goods during the earth quake disaster in 2005 and the flood in the year 2010. Volunteers from the organization were involved hands on in the relief effort even in far flung areas. Apart from active involvement at the time of natural calamities KOBEC also regularly sets up medical camps in different cities across Pakistan mainly rural areas for the poor and the needy.


Recently KOBEC joined hands with The Citizens Foundation in their Rahbar Program. This was a seven week volunteer initiative in which Saturdays were committed for the mentoring of students in TCF run schools in rural areas. The students belonged to grade 9 and were guided and mentored about life in general and also their career options once they complete their studies. It was a great learning experience for the team from KOBEC which included Dr Faisal Khokhar the Executive Vice President and also the students. This reinforced the will at the top by KOBEC to give back to society and be a part of organizations who contribute to society in true spirit.