KOBEC Health Sciences always strives to deliver the best quality products to its customers. Our international standard products act as a benchmark for other exiting major players in the market. Our product portfolio is diverse and we keep adding innovative products, which are a need in the market and give us an edge over our competitors due to better efficacy. The main driving force behind our product portfolio selection is our innovative team, which works diligently to identify potential areas in the market.

We are aware that the quality of life of countless patients depends on our products.Our products also equip health-care professionals to help treat their patients in a rapidly changing and cost-conscious environment. This gives impetus to our employees who come to work every day knowing that we are in the business of enhancing lives through our quality products.

Amgy Ophthalmic Solution Tobramycin
Amgydex Ophthalmic Suspension & Ointment Tobramycin and Dexamethasone
Cromil Ophthalmic Solution Sodium Cromoglycate
Dozypress-T Ophthalmic Solution Dorzolamide and Timolol
Eyfem Ophthalmic Suspension & Ointment Fluorometholone
Eyfem Forte Ophthalmic Suspension Fluorometholone
Eyfem-N Ophthalmic Suspension Fluorometholone andNeomycin
Eytofen Ophthalmic Solution Ketotifen
Eywet Eye Drops Polyvinyl Alcohol
Eywet Plus Eye Drops Polyvinyl Alcohol and Povidone
Feny Ophthalmic Solution Flurbiprofen Sodium
Loxiget Ophthalmic Solution & Ointment Gatifloxacin
Loxiget Forte Ophthalmic Solution Gatifloxacin
Nepanac Ophthalmic Suspension Nepafenac
Ofly-V & Ofly Ophthalmic Solution & Ointment Ofloxacin
Predmide-P & Predmide Ophthalmic Suspension & Ointment Sulphacetamide Sodium, Prednisolone Acetate and Phenylephrine
Steridex Ophthalmic Suspension Dexamethasone
Tearkool Eye Drops Hypromellose
Voben Ophthalmic Solution Levobunolol
Xemox Sterile Ophthalmic Solution Moxifloxacin